Announcing The Peapod!

We’re delighted to introduce you our newest initiative: The PeaPod: Peabody’s Community Seed Exchange!

Starting April 6, we invite you to come and take part in this ground-breaking initiative (pun entirely intended), and begin building your own garden–whether it’s in a window box, a rooftop oasis, or a piece of land.  Below are some questions and details that will help you become familiar with PeaPod and how to get involved!

What is a seed exchange?
A seed exchange, or a seed library, is a community resource that provides people with flower, herb, and vegetable seeds, free of charge!  Gardeners of all skills, from beginner to master, all ages, and all types of gardens are invited to browse the PeaPod’s seed selection and take what is needed for gardens, containers, backyards, and green spaces.

Where do the seeds come from?
For this first 2019 growing season, the PeaPod is stocked with extremely generous donations. For the 2020 growing season (and beyond!), we hope that the PeaPod will become self-replenishing. With the help of gardeners who choose to save, preserve, and donate seeds at the end of the harvest, the PeaPod will continue to grow every year and to offer a true community experience!

How Does the PeaPod Work?

  • Come to the library!
  • Fill out a PeaPod membership form, and browse the PeaPod seed catalog.
  • When you’ve decided which seeds you’d like to plant, ask library staff for empty seed packets.
  • Fill out the label on your packet with important planting information.
  • Take 2-3 seeds per planned plant, or a pinch of seeds if they’re very small, and remember- sharing is caring!
  • Return the PeaPod’s seed packet to the catalog.
  • Happy Planting!
  • At the end of your harvest, you can try your hand at seed saving to help keep the PeaPod replenished for next year. A donation of a few un-opened packs of seeds would also be appreciated, to help stock next year’s PeaPod!

We have lots of books and resources to help you get started on your garden, so stop on by and learn more about The PeaPod and all its wonderful potential!

The Pea Pod is open during normal library hours,
from April 6th through September 5th, at all three library locations.