Five Book Friday!

Happy Friday, Beloved Patrons!  As most of you are planning long weekends or holidays by the seashore, or, like me, are contemplating what to read on an upcoming plane ride, this week’s Five Book Friday features some fiction to keep you entertained as you soak up the sun…or keep you from fidgeting until you get there, wherever ‘there’ might be!

3634625Royal Wedding: A Princess Diaries Novel: Princess Mia is all grown up in this first ‘adult’ installment of Meg Cabot’s best-selling Princess Diaries series.  Set five years after Mia’s college graduation, this book not only deals with the plans of Mia’s wedding with Michael, but the royal scandals that threaten far more than their big day.  Reviewers and fans alike seem genuinely pleased with this addition to the series, and the way that Mia not only fulfills her royal obligations, but also finds a way to fulfill her own dreams, as well. Kirkus gave this book a starred review, saying “Fans who grew up with Mia will relish this opportunity to spend more time in her world. This funny, heartwarming story is royally perfect from start to finish.”

3605806The Long Utopia: Following the heartbreaking death of master storyteller Terry Pratchett, it is probably safe to speculate that this Long Earth book, as ever co-written with the great Stephen Baxter,  may very well be the last.  Set in the 2040-2050’s, this fourth  sci-fi series installment sees characters attempting to adapt to life on Datum Earth grapple with the changes fate has thrown in their path, until an alien population emerges, determined to conquer the Long Earth.  A review from the Guardian say “if the pace of plotting is gentle, the restless inventiveness more than compensates”, which sounds like the perfect book for those looking to do a little escaping this weekend.

3621509Death and Mr. Pickwick: The premise of this novel is a bit difficult to grasp, but the result, according to sundry reviewers and readers, is stellar.  Essentially, author Stephen Jarvis not only re-creates the origins of Dickens’ classic Pickwick Papers, looking not only at Dickens himself, but his characters and publishers, as well, but he also looks at the world that Pickwick created.  Told in a series of vignettes, scenes, and stories, this hefty book is packed with historic research, fantastic details, and is rich with imagination and dedication.  For fans of Dickens and Anglophiles of all stripes, this certainly seems like a book not to be missed.

3605807Love May Fail: Fans of Matthew Quick’s beloved Silver Linings Playbook are sure to find lots to love in this book–it seems to embody a similar spirt, with that same quirky, moving, plot line, told with a light and deft touch.  In this tale, Portia Kane’s existence is turned upside down when she leaves her cheating husband and ritzy Florida life and returns to her roots in South Jersey, and redeems herself by working to save her former English teacher.  This is a tale that might well be close to Quick’s heart–a former teacher himself, Booklist notes that he “…nails the symbiotic student-teacher relationship, with all of its attendant baggage, squarely on the head in this engaging slice-of-life dramedy with definite big-screen potential.”

2140799Light in August: Corrected Text:  Though clearly not a new book, we have had to order a number of new copies of this book to fill the supply for our Discussion Series beginning on June 29 at 7:30pm!  Faulkner’s 1932 classic is certainly one of the most unique works of American fiction, and Professor Theoharis is one of the most insightful, engaging, and welcoming speakers you will ever hope to meet.  His discussion series is sure to change your perception of the text, not to mention life, the universe, and everything else in the process.  The result is a series not to be missed, so make sure to register for this event, and check out your copy of this text as soon as possible!

Safe and happy travels!  Seriously, remember the sunscreen!

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