Happy Thanksgiving!


True story:  When I was four, my mother brought me to the children’s room of the Library and signed me up for my Library card. She told me to sign it using my best handwriting, because that’s what grown-up ladies got to do.  Hence the stellar script in the picture above.

The Librarian behind the desk was very, very friendly, and talked to me about the books I had picked out, and how much I loved to read (and the fact that I refused to check out a book until I had read it cover to cover first).  Before I left, she asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

“I want to be the lady who works behind the desk at the Library!”  I answered.  My second choice was to be Maleficent, but I left that part out.

So today, I just want to thank the Peabody Library for making that long-ago four-year-old’s dreams come true.  And my thanks too each and every one of you, for making each day so memorable.

(And thanks to my Mom, who told me I could have all the books I wanted from the Library, and didn’t mind when I read every single one of them before leaving.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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