Starting Some New Habits: Podcasts (2)

We here at the Library are 100% for all acquiring new good habits and expanding our horizons, and in support of that, we have recently started a round-up of our favorite podcasts, available for free on the internet.


The Library offers a multitude of ways for you to learn and experience more, both ‘in house’, so to speak, as well as online.  But there is a world full of knowledge, and we cannot hope to contain every single molecule of it.  So this year, we wanted to offer you some other ways to be educated and entertained for free.  We start today with podcasts.

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As we mentioned last week, these podcasts are not run by, or in any way affiliated with the Peabody Library–or any library.  You don’t need a library account to listen to them, either.  They are freely available to all listeners on the internet.  These selections are, however, ones that staff members of the Peabody Library greatly enjoy.  For those of you with an iTunes account or similar smart phone app, you can also search for these podcasts and download them that way.  If you would like help with this process, just let us know!

And, by the way, if you have any suggestions for podcasts that you enjoy, be sure to let us know!  We’re always looking for recommendations ourselves.

Cinema Sins:

For those of you who enjoy poking fun at pop-culture, Cinema Sins is a terrific source.  Started as a YouTube channel by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, the premise of the entire enterprise is that no movie is without sin, even the greatest and bestest of all films.  In their YouTube channel, CinemaSins calls out continuity flaws, plot holes, wonky film logic, and odd acting choices.  They’ve come under criticism by several film makers for “ruining” movies, but honestly, they don’t take themselves too seriously, so there’s no reason for the rest of us to do so.  In their podcast, Atkinson and Scott are generally joined by co-writer Barrett Share.  Generally the trio discuss a larger topic for the greater part of the episode and then round of the episode by answering a couple of questions from listeners. The topics include discussion about upcoming movies, their favorite movies in different genres, stories from the host trio’s time as movie theatre employees and recasting classic movies. They also occasionally have special guests.  For film buffs and pop culture fans, this is a fun, and often edifying podcast that can certainly add a new depth to your movie-going experience.

The Mountain Goats

For those who enjoy the Welcome to Night Vale podcast we mentioned last time around, this podcast is  hosted by John Darnielle with Joseph Fink of Welcome to Night Vale.  This podcast is part of a current pop-culture phenomenon where hosts do a deep dive into a certain artists’ work (or works) and come up with revelations or commentary (another podcast features two men who watch the same Adam Sandler film for a year and talk about it on a weekly basis…which we probably won’t be featuring here…). In this podcast, the hosts analyze one album by the group The Mountain Goats, an American band based in North Carolina.  The title of the podcast is a reference to a slogan appearing on Mountain Goats merchandise such as T-shirts and stickers.  This is a great way to become familiar not only with a group of talented podcasters, but also talented musicians!

The Moth

This is a podcast that features the best stories and the art of storytelling.  Each episode features a person recounting a true story, told by an individual, live and without notes, in front of a live audience.  The result is beautiful, vibrant, and often surprising, reminding us anew of the power of stories and storytelling to us as humans.  This is a perfect podcast for those looking for a good story and new perspectives, as well as those who enjoy the high-wire magic of live performances.  These podcasts are recorded at events throughout the country, so there’s always something new to savor here.  To learn more about The Moth and its projects, check out their website, too!

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