***All 3 Library locations will be closed on Saturday 1/29 due to the snowstorm.***

Per the Peabody Board of Health, masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn while inside the Library and all City of Peabody buildings by all persons ages 2 and up, regardless of vaccination status. Thank you for helping to keep Peabody healthy!

Technology Services


 Printing from library computers:

  • All 3 Library locations have Windows desktops that can print in color or black & white.
  • Printing Charges: Black & White $0.15/page, Color $0.30/page. (We are currently accepting cash donations while we upgrade our payment system.)
  • Send your job to the printer by using the top menu of the page or pressing CTRL + P.
  • Main Library Only: Enter your name or initials when prompted. Then, release your print job by entering the same name on the Print Release computer next to the printer.

Printing remotely or wirelessly at the Main Library:

  • At the Main Library, you can now print using your phone, mobile device, your own laptop, or one of our Chromebooks.
  • Upload your print job here to send it to the Main Library printer.
  • Learn about more ways to print wirelessly from your phone using the PrinterOn App here.
Wifi Hotspots

The Main Library has 20 T-Mobile wi-fi hotspots that circulate for 2 weeks each, and can be renewed once. They may be picked up and checked out at the Public Services Desk, and must be returned in-person to the Main Library (not left in the outside book drop).

Hotspots can be connected to your computer, phone, tablet, or other wifi-enabled devices, and allow you to connect to wi-fi in locations where there may not be reliable internet, such as rural areas or while traveling in the continental US.

Each patron must sign the Lending Agreement before borrowing a Hotspot. 

  • Hotspot borrowers must be 18 or older and in good standing with the library.
  • Each MBLC hotspot case contains a T-Mobile Franklin T9 Mobile hotspot, a micro-USB charger and an information card. All components must be returned in person at the Main Library.
  • Hotspots are filtered by default using T-Mobile’s content filtering for education. Hotspots automatically block the sites with inappropriate content such as hate speech, violence, hacking, illegal drugs, mature/explicit, spam and spyware. Borrowers may request that hotspot filtering be disabled when borrowing or reserving a device. The library will not ask for a stated reason.
  • The loan period is two weeks with 1 renewal.
  • Borrowing privileges will be revoked and the Hotspot will be disabled if not returned within 7 days of the due date.

The Main Library has 10 Chromebooks available for in-library use, and 10 Chromebooks for check-out for 2 weeks. We also have mice to lend out for easier use of the Chromebooks.

A valid NOBLE library card with no lost or billed items and/or overdue fines over $50.00 is required to borrow a Chromebook. Borrowers must be 13 years or older, and are required to sign the Lending Agreement each time they borrow a Chromebook.

Chromebooks can be checked out at the Public Services Desk at the Main Library, and must also be returned in-person at the Public Services Desk. Chromebooks may not be returned in any of the book drops or when the Library is closed. 

Full policies and instructions for in-library Chromebooks are here, and information on circulating Chromebooks is here.


Digital Entertainment

The Library has access to thousands of ebooks, e-audio books, digital magazines, and even some movies and TV shows!

For ebooks and magazines, try Overdrive (on a computer) or their corresponding app, Libby (on iphone or Android).

For more ebooks, audiobooks, and music, try Hoopla.

For feature films, documentaries, and educational shorts, try Kanopy.

Detailed Instructions are available to download for the following resources:

Device Chargers

Forgot your phone or mobile device charger? The library has micro-USB, USB-C, and Apple chargers to lend out for in-library use only. Please ask a librarian at the Public Service Desk to check out a charger.

Copying & Scanning

 All three Library locations offer printing, copying, and scanning services.

Copying Charges: Black & White $0.15/page, Color $0.30/page. (We are currently accepting cash donations while we upgrade our payment system). 

Use of the full-color flatbed scanner is free at all 3 Library locations. Please bring your own memory storage device, or be prepared to email the files to yourself.

Faxing services are no longer available.  

Library Location Available Equipment
Main Library Main Reading Room Color printer, color copier, scanner, microfilm reader
Main Library Teen Room Color printer
Main Library Children’s Library Color printer
South Branch Main Reading Room Color printer, black & white copier, scanner
West Branch Main Reading Room Color printer, black & white copier, scanner


Internet & Wifi

Internet usage is free, and provided at all Library computers. Free wifi is available throughout all three Library locations, as well as in the parking lots and Main Library courtyard.

To use the Library wifi, choose “peabody library guest” as the network name, and then use the sign-in page that pops up in your browser. Check the box to agree to our policies. You do not need a password or library card to access our free wifi.

More detailed internet and wifi policies may be found here.

In-Library Desktop Computers

Main Library: 

  • 12 Windows desktop computers in the Public Services Area, 10 Windows gaming computers in the Teen Room and 2 Windows desktop computers, 2 Macbook Pros, 2 Chromebooks and 2 iPads in the Children’s Room.
  • In the Public Services Area, there is one computer equipped with a large print keyboard and ZoomText Magnifier/Reader for low-vision users, one computer connected to a flatbed scanner, and one computer connected to a microfilm reader.
  • In the Creativity Lab, 15 laptops equipped with Adobe Creative Suite are available for Creativity Lab users during Open Labs and scheduled classes.

South Branch: 4 Windows desktop computers

West Branch: 3 Windows desktop computers

You may use a computer using either your library card or a guest pass. All users are granted 3 hours of computer usage per person, per day.


Library Location Available Software
Main Library Main Reading Room

Microsoft Office 2016 (Word 2016,  Excel 2016, Access 2016, Publisher 2016, PowerPoint 2016)

Adobe Acrobat DC

VLC Media Player

Main Library Teen Room Fortnite
Main Library Children’s Library

Microsoft Office 2016 (Word 2016,  Excel 2016, Publisher 2016, PowerPoint 2016)

Adobe Reader

South Branch Main Reading Room

Microsoft Office 2016 (Word 2016,  Excel 2016, Publisher 2016, PowerPoint 2016)

Adobe Reader

West Branch Main Reading Room

Microsoft Office 2016 (Word 2016,  Excel 2016, Publisher 2016, PowerPoint 2016)

Adobe Reader

Online Resources & Databases

The Library has access to many online resources to use for research, entertainment, homework help, genealogy, consumer health, and other informational purposes. Many of our online resources are used similarly to our previous print reference collection, and are a great way to quickly find the information you need.

Most online resources require your library card number to access. Some resources are available only to Peabody residents. For a full list of available resources and more information, please click here.

Most of our online resources can be used from anywhere, including in the library. See the full list for more information.


The Main Library offers a microfilm reader for patron use. Please call ahead so that staff may retrieve your microfilm before your arrival at 978-531-0100.

Current Subscriptions:

  • Boston Globe: January 1, 1973 to present
  • New York Times: September 5, 1851 to present
  • Salem Evening News: August 1995 to present

Previously Received:

  • South Danvers Wizard 1859-1868
  • Danvers Monitor 1867, 1868-1876, (missing 1871)
  • Peabody Press 1869-1894
  • Peabody Enterprise, May 1912–Dec. 1941
  • Peabody Times Jan. 1942–Nov. 1976, (missing 1963–1965)
  • Daily Peabody Times, Dec. 1976–Mar. 1984
  • Peabody Times, Apr. 1984-July 1995 (missing July-Sept. 1987; Jan-Apr. 1988)