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Join us in 2022 as we read a memoir by New England author Rachael Cerrotti and reflect on how family history impacts our personal stories today.

Books are available at the Public Services Desk at all three branches. E-books and E-audio are available on Libby.

Rachael will be joining us for a book discussion and signing on April 26, 2022.

This year-long, interactive, community-based project will include book and movie discussions, genealogy and discovering your roots programs, arts and crafts programs, and more ways to connect with your neighbors. It will culminate in an Open Mic Night – an opportunity for participants to share what they’ve learned or created throughout the project.

Be sure to follow our social media, starting in January 2022, for inspiration, tidbits from the book, and prompts to facilitate discussion. Stop by the library for more ways to participate!

We Share the Same Sky: A Memoir of Memory & Migration

In 2009, Rachael Cerrotti, a college student pursuing a career in photojournalism, asked her grandmother, Hana, if she could record her story. Rachael knew that her grandmother was a Holocaust survivor and the only one in her family alive at the end of the war. Rachael also knew that she survived because of the kindness of strangers. It wasn’t a secret. Hana spoke about her history publicly and regularly. But, Rachael wanted to document it as only a granddaughter could. So, that’s what they did: Hana talked and Rachael wrote.

Upon Hana’s passing in 2010, Rachael discovered an incredible archive of her life. There were preserved albums and hundreds of photographs dating back to the 1920s. There were letters waiting to be translated, journals, diaries, deportation and immigration papers as well as creative writings from various stages of Hana’s life.

Rachael digitized and organized it all, plucking it from the past and placing it into her present. Then, she began retracing her grandmother’s story, following her through Central Europe, Scandinavia, and across the United States. She tracked down the descendants of those who helped save her grandmother’s life during the war. Rachael went in pursuit of her grandmother’s memory to explore how the retelling of family stories becomes the history itself.

We Share the Same Sky weaves together the stories of these two young women—Hana as a refugee who remains one step ahead of the Nazis at every turn, and Rachael, whose insatiable curiosity to touch the past guides her into the lives of countless strangers, bringing her love and tragic loss. Throughout the course of her twenties, Hana’s history becomes a guidebook for Rachael in how to live a life empowered by grief.

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January 2022 - Get started!

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April 26, 2022 - Rachael Cerrotti author talk and book signing

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