***All 3 Library Locations will open at 12:00pm on Monday, December 6th, to allow for an all-staff training***

Per the Peabody Board of Health, masks covering the nose and mouth must again be worn while inside the Library and all City of Peabody buildings. Thank you for helping to keep Peabody healthy!

Newspapers & Periodicals

Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Banker & Tradesman (ML)
  • Barron’s (ML)
  • Boston Globe (ML, SBL, WBL)
  • Boston Herald (ML, SBL, WBL)
  • Daily Item (ML, SBL, WBL)
  • Jewish Advocate (ML)
  • Jewish Journal (SBL, WBL)
  • New York Times (ML, SBL, WBL)
  • Peabody Weekly (ML)
  • Salem Evening News (ML, SBL, WBL)
  • USA Today (ML, SBL, WBL)
  • Wall Street Journal (ML, SBL, WBL)
online newspaper & periodicals subscriptions
Main Library Microfilm Subscriptions

Currently Received:

Boston Globe: January 1, 1973 —
New York Times: September 5, 1851 to present
Salem Evening News: August 1995–

Previously Received:

South Danvers Wizard 1859-1868
Danvers Monitor 1867, 1868-1876, (missing 1871)
Peabody Press 1869-1894
Peabody Enterprise, May 1912–Dec. 1941
Peabody Times Jan. 1942–Nov. 1976, (missing 1963–1965)
Daily Peabody Times, Dec. 1976–Mar. 1984
Peabody Times, Apr. 1984-July 1995 (missing July-Sept. 1987; Jan-Apr. 1988)