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COVID Chronicles Local History Project

Memorial Day Ceremony
Photo Credit: Peabody TV

Local artists create window art on Main St
Photo Credit: Peabody Main Streets & Creative Collective

Local photographer takes “Front Porch Portraits”
Photo Credit: Denise Larity Photography

The COVID 19 pandemic gave rise to a sad, scary and unprecedented period of hardship and loss for people across the globe and here in Peabody, Massachusetts too.

We are living during an historic moment, and Peabody Institute Library in partnership with Peabody TV and the Peabody Historical Society and Museum, would like to collect, share and preserve your experiences of daily life in Peabody during the COVID 19 pandemic.

There are many ways that life has changed since the pandemic; local businesses had to shut their doors, schools closed in the middle of the school year and engaged in remote learning, social distancing and stay-at-home orders forced us to stay apart from friends, family and other loved ones, important events like weddings, proms, birthdays and graduations had to be canceled, postponed or adapted, jobs were lost forcing people to file for unemployment, or search for new employment opportunities, and so much more.

Please use the form located below to share your experiences with us.  The Peabody COVID Chronicles will serve an important social and historical purpose now and as future generations look back. For those who prefer using a low-tech option to tell their story, you can leave your COVID experiences on our voicemail by calling 978-896-6012. Tell us your story and be a part of Peabody’s history.

These experiences will be collected and exhibited by the collecting agencies in an online repository.  More information about accessing the repository will be provided in the near future.  Thank you for your participation and be well!

For more information about this project: peabodycovidchronicles@gmail.com

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