Moonstruck Volume 2, Some enchanted evening
Moonstruck.  Magic to brew  Volume 1,
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Blackhand & Ironhead.   Vol. 1
The league of super feminists
Victor & Nora : a Gotham love story
Heartstopper.   Volume 2
Lumberjanes.  Indoor recess  Vol. 13,
Lumberjanes.  X marks the spot   Vol. 14,
Dragon Ball super.  Great escape  11,
Golden Kamuy.   Volume 19
The girl from the other side. Siúil, a rún   9, :
Given.   Volume 2
Kaguya-sama : love is war.  9
Noragami : stray god.  22
One piece. New world.  Volumes 73-74-75
Toilet-bound Hanako-kun.   Vol. 4
Silver spoon.   Vol. 12