Book Groups

The Peabody Institute Library currently coordinates 9 Book Discussion Groups throughout the city. Each group meets on a monthly basis, unless otherwise noted.

City Hall Book Group (1st Wednesday at 12:30 pm, for City Employees, Contact: Library Director)

Historical Book Group (2nd Thursday at 7:00 pm. West Branch, Contact: Senior West Branch Librarian)

Living Your Best Life Book Group (3rd Tuesday of the Monday at 6:30pm, South Branch, Contact: Senior South Branch Librarian)

Page to Screen Book Group (First Monday of the Month at 5:30pm, Main Library, Contact: Senior Adult Services Librarian)

Queer Book Group (2nd Thursday of the Month at 6:30pm, Main Library, Ccontact: Senior Adult Services Librarian)

South Branch Book Group (Last Thursday at 1:00 pm, South Branch, Contact: Senior South Branch Librarian)

South Branch Super Sleuths (1st Thursday at 1:00 pm, South Branch, Contact: Senior South Branch Librarian)

Torigian Center Book Group (1st Tuesday at 9:30 am. Torigian Community Life Center, Contact: Library Director)

West Branch Book Group (2nd Thursday at 1:30 p.m., West Branch, Contact: Senior West Branch Librarian)