***All 3 Library Locations will open at 12:00pm on Monday, December 6th, to allow for an all-staff training***

Per the Peabody Board of Health, masks covering the nose and mouth must again be worn while inside the Library and all City of Peabody buildings. Thank you for helping to keep Peabody healthy!

About Us

As the public library for the community since George Peabody’s generous donation in 1854, the Peabody Institute Library provides innovative services, resources, programs, and spaces to meet the educational, informational, cultural and creative needs of the community while offering opportunities for lifelong learning for all. Learn more about how we Support Your Story every day by reading our Long Range Plan here.

Peabody’s History

The Peabody Institute Library is the public library serving the City of Peabody. George Peabody, a highly regarded philanthropist, was the founder in 1854.

The main library building is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also the oldest public library in the United States to operate out of the same location.

Main Library

82 Main Street


The Main Library offers a variety of programs for adults, teens, and children, as well as the Creativity Lab community makerspace. Please see our complete program calendar for details.


South Branch Library

78 Lynn Street


The South Branch Library offers a variety of programs for children and adults. Please see our complete program calendar for details.


West Branch Library

603 Lowell Street


The West Branch Library offers a variety of programs for adults and children. Please see our complete program calendar for details.


The Peabody Institute Library is a proud member of the 26-library-strong NOBLE Library Network. To learn more, and to see the other public and academic libraries that your library card gives you access to, visit www.noblenet.org

Library Staff

Cate Merlin, Director
merlin@noblenet.org | 978-531-0100 x16

Alysa Hayden, Assistant Director
hayden@noblen​e​t.org | 978-531-0100 x25

Gabriela Toth, Senior Adult Services & Public Programming Librarian
gtoth@noblenet.org | 978-531-0100 x17

Yunan Guo, Senior Technology Coordinator
guo@noblenet.org | 978-531-0100 x21

Catherine Badal, Senior Local History Librarian
cbadal@noblenet.org | 978-531-0100 x28

Joanna Corea, Senior Teen Librarian
jcorea@noblenet.org | 978-531-0100 x35 


Allison Bridgewater, Senior Children’s Librarian
abridgewater@noblenet.org | 978-531-0100 x35

Amy Titus, Senior South Branch Librarian
atitus@noblenet.org | 978-531-3380 x11

Kristi Bryant, Senior West Branch Librarian
kbryant@noblenet.org | 978-535-3354 x11

Sharon Janus, Public Services Librarian & Conversation Circles Coordinator
janus@noblenet.org | 978-531-0100 x38

Mike Ahearn, Creativity Lab Programming Librarian
ahearn@noblenet.org | 978-531-0100 x22