Museum Passes

The Main Library loans free or discounted admission passes to educational, cultural or recreational organizations. The success of the program is based on cooperation between the Library and the community. A complete listing is available at the link below or by request at the Circulation Desk. The Library thanks Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, the Friends of the Peabody Institute Libraries, the Peabody Cultural Council, and the Rotary Club of Peabody for their generous sponsorship.

The loan period for all passes is one day. One pass per day per family is the maximum allowed.

The Peabody Institute Library is obliged to comply with the admissions terms and conditions that each museum sets for its Library pass program. The museums that are available in the program and the terms that they set are subject to change at any time.

Library staff will make every effort to resolve any scheduling conflicts that may arise in the event of a scheduling error. The Library is not financially responsible for errors made in the reservation procedure. The Library advises patrons to verify museum hours before making plans, and asks patrons to notify the Library of any changes.


Museum passes may be reserved in advance with a library card in good standing (no outstanding balance over $10.00). Patrons may reserve up to 10 passes per month. During high-demand periods such as school vacation weeks, patrons may reserve 2 passes per week.

To make a reservation, call the Main Library at 978.531.0100 or use the online option below.

Patrons are expected to cancel their reservation when they cannot pick up a pass, so that the pass is available to others. The Library has a No Show Policy: patrons who have failed to pick up 2 passes are blocked from making advance reservations for 45 days.

To cancel a reservation, call the Main Library at 978.531.0100 or click here for the online option.

Online Reservation System

Search for availability by museum (includes links to museum web sites)

Search for availability by date

View or cancel your reservations

Picking Up a Pass

Museum passes must be picked up and returned to the Main Library to receive the discounted admissions rate. Do not pick up your pass at the museum you are visiting. A printed E-mail reservation confirmation is not valid for museum admission.

Passes must be picked up at the Main Library only by 10:00 a.m. on the day of use, and returned by 9:00 a.m. the next day (except coupon passes, which do not need to be returned). Passes not picked up by 10 a.m. become immediately available to other patrons on a first-come, first-serve basis. Passes may be available for pickup prior to the day of use. Please read "Pass Details" which is found under the question mark symbol you will see when registering for a pass.

If the library is scheduled to be closed on the day when you plan to pick up your pass, please pick up your pass 1 day earlier. The library's upcoming schedule of closings are:

Saturday, September 3
Monday, September 5
Monday, October 10
Friday, November 11
Thursday, November 24
Friday, November 25
Sunday, December 25
Monday, December 26
Sunday, January 1, 2017
Monday, January 2, 2017

Patrons are expected to have their Library card available at the time of pick up for ease of processing the reservation. Library cards must be in good standing. Any fines on the library card must be cleared before the pass can be issued. When borrowing a returnable pass, patrons may be asked to sign a slip that acknowledges that they understand the terms of the Museum Pass Program.

Returning a Pass

MULTI-USE PASSES MUST BE RETURNED TO THE MAIN LIBRARY. For patrons' convenience, these passes may be dropped in the Pass Return Box located outside of the Children's Room entrance at the Main Library when the library is closed.

Because passes may be reserved for consecutive days, it is important that they be returned promptly. Unless the pass is a dated, disposable coupon it is due back by 9 a.m. on the morning after it is used. The charge for overdue passes is a $5.00 per day.

Lost or Missing Passes

The cost to replace a pass that is not returned is $25.