The Eben Dale Sutton Room houses thousands of rare volumes, hundreds of maps, photographs, manuscripts and artifacts. The focus of our collection includes:

Peabody History



Danvers Courier 1845-1848
South Danvers Wizard 1859-1864

Non Indexed

Danvers Monitor, 1867, 1869-1876
Peabody Press, 1869-1894
Peabody Reporter, 1880-1881
Peabody Enterprise, 1912-1923
Peabody Daily Press, 1911-1912
Peabody Star, 1899
Peabody Progress 1910
Danvers Eagle, 1844-1845
Danvers Whig, 1845
Danvers Courier, 1845-1848
Peabody Correspondence, 1915-1939

Other Records:

Vital Statistics for Danvers, South Danvers and Peabody including genealogical records.

All records of its early years, including town reports from 1752; reports of city departments, including selectman's reports, valuation lists, treasurer's reports, records of the fire department, school department records dating back to 1838, city directories from 1878 to the present.

In addition there are manuscripts, photographs, maps and books documenting local history, businesses, churches and families. Books and, or, artifacts dealing with the Leather industry in this city.

George Peabody

Any and all manuscripts, correspondence and photographs taken during his life; biographies written about him; books he donated to the library; accounts of visits to South Danvers and elsewhere in the United States; anything relating to his life in Danvers, Massachusetts, Vermont, London, Baltimore, or elsewhere; photographs and manuscripts relating to his death and funeral; documents from the centennial celebrations of his birth.

Local and Essex County History

Includes Essex County court records and written accounts of lives and events in local towns and cities. We also endeavor to collect any book or written account by someone native to this area.

Massachusetts and American History

Includes biographies of citizens, first hand accounts of travel from the 1600's to early 1900's, accounts of weather and other natural events, Civil War records of the Union and Confederate armies and navies, accounts of events written at the time occurring, or any books, manuscripts, prints, photographs documenting American history.

Natural History

Includes The Birds of America by John James Audubon, bound volumes describing those works; rare or first editions of books describing American plants, insects or animal life.


Includes vital statistics for most of Massachusetts, as well as the New England Historical Genealogical Registers, the Massachusetts Historical Collections, Essex Institute Historical Collections and any other recorded information related to family research.

Historical and Collectable Artifacts

Books dealing with information regarding American architecture, furniture, china, prints, earthenware, identifying marks or monograms used to identify origin of collectible or any other information in regard to collecting American artifacts.