From the Teen Room!

2017 Manga To Check Out!

This years releases truly were ones for the books (pun wholeheartedly intended), with so many new and upcoming authors, series continuations, and incredible new stories from authors we know and love. The Teen Room’s Manga section was amped up this year with new series that readers who love graphic novels, fantasy, and action packed stories will love! Check out our top new manga picks for 2017!


Erased by Kei SanbeYou follow Satoru Fujinuma, an unpopular manga artist, who has the ability to go back in time to fix terrible incidents before they even happen. This ability (known as “re-run”) creates conflict in his everyday life of delivering pizzas and avoiding human contact. Satoru’s antisocial behavior and boring life can start the story out a little bland but as the story progresses readers will find an involved and intriguing story! The manga’s popularity has sparked enough interest for a Netflix original show!


Vampire Knight: Memories by Matsuri Hino: A long awaited companion and sequel to the original Vampire Knight manga that follows the time during Kaname’s 1000 year slumber. These stories dive into Yuki and Zero’s lives in the past and also follow the stories of Yuki’s children and Kaname in present day. This manga boasts the same style of beautiful gothic artwork as the original and an incredibly rich storyline that will leave readers wanting more!


Tokyo Ghoul: re by Sui Ishida: The sequel series to the original Tokyo Ghoul follows Haise Sasaki and his elite squad of half ghouls training to be expert Investigators while he battles inner turmoil with is own ghoul powers. There is praise to be given for the outstanding artwork and framing that Ishida is known for as well as the attention to detail to tie in the original series. With twists and turns and a character you can’t help but root for this new series is gaining popularity and can be expected as a huge success!