Q: When is the Creativity Lab open?
A: The Lab is open to the public during times marked "Open Lab" or "Teen Makers" on the Calendar. In addition, we are always offering a wide variety of classes at various times of the week (also viewable on the Calendar); these typically require signing up in advance. Note that, during Open Lab, those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and those under age 9 are not allowed in the Lab.

Q: Do I have to pay a fee to use the Creativity Lab?
A: No, though we accept donations to help cover costs. However, some classes may have a recommended donation; see the class description for details.

Q: Do I have to be a Peabody resident to use the Creativity Lab?
A: No; the Lab is open to people from everywhere.

Q: Do I have to sign up before I can use the Creativity Lab?
A: Yes. Anybody who is using the Lab for the first time must sign our registration form and show a valid ID. Also, if you wish to attend a class, you must sign up for that class via that class's link on the library Calendar.

Q: How do I donate to the Creativity Lab?
A: We accept cash, checks, and materials (e.g. fabric, electronics components, woodworking tools, and so on). Please make checks out to the Friends of the Peabody Institute Libraries. If donating materials, please call us first to make sure we can accept them.

Q: I'm interested in using a tool during Open Lab, but the Tools page says I need to be "certified" in it before I can use it. How do I get certified in the use of a tool?
A: You will be certified after you have undergone a training session for that tool. To be trained in 3D printing, simply come to Open Lab and ask. As each of the other tools that require it (CNC milling machine, laser cutter, embroidery machine) become available, certification classes will be held for those tools. The regular certification method for each tool will be determined after those classes have finished.