What's This?

The Creativity Lab is a community makerspace located in the Peabody Institute Library in Peabody, Massachusetts. Our mission is to provide all visitors with the space, tools, and learning opportunities they need to become inspired creators and explorers of art, technology, science, and fabrication.

We provide free public access to tools for 3D printing, sewing, sound recording, laser cutting, woodworking, computer programming, vinyl cutting, jewelry making, graphic design, electronics, and more. We are open several times per week for general public use, and we continually offer classes in individual tools and disciplines. Please see our Calendar for information on future classes.


The Creativity Lab is located in the Main Library at 82 Main Street in Peabody, Massachusetts. When the Lab is open for a program, you can take the elevator down to "LL" (Lower Level), or take the back stairwell (located in the rear of the Children's Room and Teen Room) down to the bottom floor.


We are open the general public several times per week for all creative purposes. Staff will be on hand to assist you in the use of our equipment. We have different hours for different age groups:

Open Lab

Open to ages 13-adult. Ages 9-12 are allowed if accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other adult over 18.

Check the Calendar to see which Saturdays have Open Lab.

Teen Makers

Open to ages 11-18.

Summer hours are held from June to August.


The following is a selection of tools that are available for use in the Creativity Lab. An asterisk (*) next to an item means that you must be trained by Creativity Lab staff or demonstrate prior experience in order to use that equimpent during Open Lab. Some tools are restricted to patrons of certain ages; these ages are listed next to the tools.

Computer Hardware





Sound Recording


Visual arts


What do I need to do in order to use the Creativity Lab?

Anybody who is using the Lab's equipment for the first time must register with us as a maker. To register, you must fill out our registration form, sign our liability waiver (copies available at the Lab and can be signed on the day of your visit), and show a valid photo ID. While walk-ins are welcome during Open Lab and Teen Makers, most of our tool-specific classes and other programs require you to sign up in advance on the library Calendar.

Do I have to make an appointment to use the Creativity Lab?

No. Any registered maker (see previous question) can use the Lab during our public hours, subject to age restrictions.

May I still make an appointment if I wish?

We currently do not accept appointments with individual patrons. If you represent a school or other organization interested in making a private group visit to the Creativity Lab, please contact us by email or phone.

Do I have to be a Peabody resident to use the Creativity Lab?

No; there are no residence restrictions for use of the Lab.

Do I have to pay to use the Creativity Lab?

No, but we charge for some consumable materials. For most materials (such as 3D printer filament or wood for the laser cutter), we do not charge for smaller projects. We also accept donations.

How do I donate to the Creativity Lab?

We accept cash, checks, and materials (e.g. fabric, electronics components, woodworking tools, and so on). Please make checks out to the Friends of the Peabody Institute Libraries. If donating materials, please call us first to make sure we can accept them.

I want to make something in the Creativity Lab, but I don't know how to make it. Can you help with that?

Yes. During Open Lab and Teen Makers, trained staff will be on hand to assist you with unfamiliar tools and projects.

I'm interested in using a tool during Open Lab, but the Tools section says I need to be trained before I can use it. How do I get trained in the use of a tool?

You have two options. If you attend a class in that tool (see our Calendar for upcoming classes), you will be authorized to use that tool in Open Lab after you have completed the class. If you come to Open Lab and ask for help with that tool, staff may be available to assist you. If so, you will be authorized to use the tool on your own after staff has walked you through your first use of that tool.


The Creativity Lab depends on the support of many funders and community partners. The following organizations have been instrumental in making this project a reality.


Community Partners


Email: creativitylab@noblenet.org

Phone: 978-531-0100 ext. 22

Staff are available to answer calls: